What is A Sales Funnel? & 7 Key Components To Build One

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A sales funnel is a pathway whereby you create a genuine caring relationship between you and your customer through education, empathy, and service. Ultimately its a way for you to serve your ideal customers or clients through the ABCD Process of: attracting prospects, bonding with prospects, converting prospects into customers, delivering products/services to customers.

Simply stated: A sales funnel is an overall process from taking a stranger and turning them into a customer.It involves many different moving pieces like:

1. Clear Brand Positioning & Clear Message

2. Clear Offer

3. Clear Audience = Traffic of Interested Prospects

4. Clear Online Platform & Webpages:Blog Posts/Videos/Podcasts/Advertising/Social Media = Traffic Sources

Landing Pages = Optin Page, Sales Page, Thank You Pages, Delivery Pages, Checkout pages, Upsell & OTOs

5. Clear Follow-up = customer service

6. Professionally Designed Graphics

7. Clear Sales Process = checkout process to delivery of product/service

The purpose of the sales funnel is to guide an ideal prospect down a well thought out path toward their desired outcomes through your products and services. And by introducing the prospect to your brand/business they can make a conscious choice on whether or not what you have to offer will help them reach their goals in the area that you help them in (one of four: health, wealth, relationships, purpose/meaning).

It’s a proven process to taking a prospect to a customer.


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