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10 Reasons Your Website Isn't Making You Money

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Here's What You'll Get In This Masterclass:

  • Revealed: The 10 mistakes you're making on your website and in your business that is actually repelling clients and preventing you from hitting your revenue goals
  • Why Having A Website is just the last step in creating consistent growth in your business and the things you should do first before even designing or launching your website.
  • Get the downloadable guide and workbook that takes you through the mistakes and how to fix them.

What others are saying about this working with me:

With her help, on my very first webinar I was able to land my first client! 
My experience working with Rachael has been very dynamic. She helped me understand how to better identify my audience, use facebook ads and how to do an effective webinar presentation. With her help, on my very first webinar I was able to land my first client! Rachael did a great job by helping me speed up the time it takes to grow a project from dream phase to actually generating online income. She also did a dynamic job creating my brand and website from top to bottom; which has led to a 50% increase to my mailing list and several hundreds of copies of my book! I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone doing or looking to do business online.

KAMANI LLOYD  //  Entrepreneur & Coach

Rachael is an invaluable asset to any business.

To grow your business, you must attract people to your business or website. Rachael Alexander was able to understand my business and my ideal client and develop an amazing marketing presence and website. The creative website is not only attractive and appealing with easy navigation, but provides value to potential clients through informative and desirable downloads. The marketing campaign designed to capture emails enables me to proactively solicit potential clients and grow my business. Rachael is an invaluable asset to any business.

MARY TAYLOR CARR  //  Business & Life Coach

It’s time to make the impact and income you want.

It’s time to be seen, be heard, and be known as the soulful successful entrepreneur you were meant to be.

10 Simple Fixes to Your Website & Business Strategy to Start Boosting Your Business’s Conversion Rates

Without Being Sleezy Or Slimy

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Who's Behind This?

Hi I'm Rachael Alexander. Founder of Soul Shine Stock & Endigo Rae Creative and I help soulful and spiritual entrepreneurs align, design, launch, and grow their businesses online through strategic and beautiful web & funnel design and digital marketing strategies that work. 

Not too long ago I struggled with getting consistent leads and sales in my business, and when I finally made these same fixes in my business my clients and customers dramatically increased within a short amount of time. And I want you to experience this same success! So join your masterclass here »»

Rachael Alexander (Brand Strategist, Designer, & Copywriter)

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