The Power of Brand Stories & 3 Places To Use Them

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If you are trying to rebrand or brand your business then you’ll want to listen to this episode. If you’re struggling to attract the right clients or to connect with your target audience then maybe it’s time you humanize your business with Brand Stories.

As a Mosaic Soul, learning how to brand your business will allow your sales process, your lead nurturing process, and your overall business strategy to work. If you aren’t telling brand stories for your business then you are essentially doing you and your potential clients and customers a disservice. We are social creatures and we live to hear other people’s stories and to make a connection with each other and so if your business isn’t doing that with your audience then it will suffer. As a multipassionate entrepreneur it’s super important to focus on your branding at some point after having your products and services ready because this step allows you to bring together your passions in a clear, concise, and cohesive way. Being coherent is crucial to having a successful online business.

What is a brand?

A brand is an emotional connection and commitment repeated over time with your ideal audience.

Why are brand stories so powerful?

Brand stories are super powerful because they allow you to humanize your brand, create that emotional connection with potential customers and etch you into the brains of your ideal target audience for your chosen area of expertise. It helps to elevate your business and brand equity – essentially the value of your brand.

Here are the 3 Places You Can Utilize Your Brand Story:

About Page. Utilizing your brand story on your about page is a smart move because this is the page that is most visited for your website. People want to connect to a human or something that feels like a human (if you’re using a character), so including who you are, why you do what you do, and why that’s important to the person reading your story will help to create that emotional connection and come through on your commitment as a business owner.

Sales Page or Product Page. When you are ready to get clients and/or customers this is a perfect place to share your story. This is the place where clients or customers actually decide to buy from you over someone else who does something similar. I had a colleague of mine tell me a story of her buying a piece of clothing from a particular mom and pop type of store versus the mass market store at 10 times the price only because she loved the story of the shop owners and felt connected to them as real human beings. Your story is powerful. As Simon Sinek, famous author and entrepreneur, says “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, and telling your story is the key piece to sharing your “why”.

Social Media & Video. When you are interacting with others on social media you will start to notice how certain brands have a dedicated following, and I’ll bet you notice that those brands feel very “human” to you. Either there is a face to the company or a single business owner showing up and utlizing the power of stories, belief statements, and inspiring/educational content for their audience. Connecting with others is what social media is all about so don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share your transformation story or your ‘aha’ story with your audience as it pertains to the work that you do in the world.

Hopefully by watching today’s video and reading today’s blog post you have more insight into the importance of creating your brand story as it’s relevant to your ideal audience as well as the 3 places you can use your brand story! Brand storytelling is a key component to a thriving brand.

Now it’s your turn!

Share in the comments below the ONE place you’re going to share your brand story this week?


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