How To Make Money As A Mosaic Soul Part 1

by | Endigo Rae TV

How To Make Money As A Mosaic Soul Part 1

Creating A Business Around Your Many Passions

Hey Mosaic Soul! In today’s video I talk about three simple tips to help you make money as a Mosaic Soul (multipassionate spiritual creative entrepreneur). They may seem obvious, but often times we as Mosaic Souls can become paralyzed in our many passions that we forget this simple steps. When creating a business its important to first evaluate yourself, your passions, and your desired lifestyle because as you have a complete picture or just more clarity around what you want you then can manifest and take action towards bringing about your desired outcome.

Business doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Think of business just as an exchange of value. Being an entrepreneur is being a modern day alchemist in that you are creating something from nothing. You on an energetic and metaphysical level step into your role as a creator and create value for others in exchange for value, which in this case is money. But value comes in all shapes an sizes, so when you are creating your product and/or service you want to concentrate on the value you provide which is closely linked to the problem or dilemmas you help to alleviate through what you have to offer.

If you offer a luxury or a non-commodity type of product like art, then think of what your customer is doing or desiring for them to want to purchase your product. If you offer a service think of the pain you help alleviate; your customers point A and point B and how you can get them to point B efficiently. Being a Mosaic Soul, just means you have more to offer. Go with your gut, follow your heart, and always do you!

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