How To Dramatically Boost Your Know Like & Trust Factor

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The #1 thing you can do for your business when aiming to acquire new clients or customers is to increase your know-like-and-trust factor. Besides making sure you’re speaking to the right people- your target audience.

Building relationships with your audience is the thing you want to focus on in the acquisition of new clientele.

So how do you do that?

By being More Visible.

Here are the 4 pillars of becoming more visible in your industry.

1. Share your passions.

Aka share what you know about – your expertise. Knowing where your prospects (other like minded souls) are in their journey as it relates to what you offer and sell is a great place to start. Because then you’ll know what kind of content or information you can share that demonstrates your expertise / know-how. Also Know what results you provide and what problems you silver with your business. This creates cohesion in your messaging.

2. Create a 2-way conversation.

Your prospects want to find answers to their questions. Solutions to their problems and as a creator and expert this is a great way to not only create good will, but to also position yourself in their minds as the go-to person for their problems.

3. Share your story.

We are all humans and we are wired to relate to one another based on the stories we tell one another. The old adage “facts tell stories sell” is still true because we are emotional and vibrational beings so even though on occasion we may purchase through a logical whim. We always do things in order to feel better, that’s just how wet are wired. So when you connect with another human being on an emotional level you are creating a link in their minds as someone who understands them, who they can relate to, and who they’d want to do business with.

4. Be consistent.

Whether you soak to your tribe once a month, 3 times a year, or every week doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you ate consistent at being yourself and sharing YOU with your audience. A great way to create consistency is to create in bulk, and create an automated system for sharing your creations, or create a system for constantly staying in front of your desired audience or prospect. Automation is an awesome tool and friend to Mosaic Souls ;).

So your turn! How have you increased your “know-like-and-trust-factor” in your business? Share in the comments below!

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