How To Know What Business To Start

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Don’t Know What Business To Start Because You’re Struggling With Too Many Passions or Ideas? Let’s start with you.

No one is you. You have a special set of gifts that can blend and fuse well together all uniquely your own. Us as Mosaic Souls have been told so long that we should focus and choose one thing, and while I understand the basis of the advice I think it’s given in a complete misunderstanding of how we are wired. Most Mosaic Soul’s are brilliant people! They have many talents, passions, and skills and do many things well. So what do you do when you have so many ideas for a business? Well you have a few options depending on your time, your money, and your level of ability to do many things in a strategic yet fun way. Here are a couple different ways to look at it:

    • If you are strapped for money – Create a clear focus, choose one passion and niche, and start with something easy to make a turnaround online (like a service or sell products in person). Then slowly work to bring in your other passions by always sharing your other interests through the lens of your current focus as you are growing your audience. Be transparent and open with people. They’ll often be intrigued by what you do because you’ve helped them so much already! That is if you create that reality of course ;). 
    • If you aren’t. Figure out your big picture vision and build from there – choose which passions you’re most passionate about – by figuring out your why and visioning your life 10 years down the road. Then combine your passions under a cohesive theme and create a compelling message. Start creating content about that message and then products and/or services that fall in alignment with that message.

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Here are 5 Questions To Help You Create Focus & Help You Create Your Own Unique Business:

What are you most skilled at and have the most experience in? If you’re not skilled in it, how long will it take you to get skilled in it?

What do you want to be known for?

How do you want to spend your life and time?

How do you see your business growing?

Who do you want to work with?


Now it’s your turn!

Share in the comments below the 1 thing you want to be known for in the world, or rather the major impact you want to make with the work that you could do?


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