How To Find Your Niche Market without cutting off your other passions

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First of all let me just say that this entire “find your niche” thing baffled me for years in my business as a Mosaic Soul. As someone who had helped many types of people achieve many different kinds of outcomes it felt like a slap in the face to my passions for me to just choose one!

So how did I remedy the situation. Well to be honest, I ditched the idea of a niche(link blog post) and just started showing up in my business more as myself. As I started doing that by sharing videos (because it’s what lights me up at the moment of this writing) and sharing blog posts and other content and trainings people started to show up in my business wanting to work with me.

One of the things I learned from this is that #1 – Authenticity can be the remedy of all confusion, scatterbrain, and overwhelm. When you show up authentically as yourself and share things (through marketing) in your business because it lights you up (not because you’re trying to get a whole bunch of people to like you) that energy become contagious.

#2 I didn’t completely “ditch” the whole niche thing as much as I just transformed it into something that made more logical and heart-centered sense to my Mosaic Soul.

So what did I do?

I created a nest for myself – a sacred space where I could show up authentically as myself and share my vast knowledge on everything that excited me. And I linked it all under one umbrella theme of ALIGNMENT, which is basically a word that stands for mindset, personal development, and spirituality. These themes have always been the driving force of my life besides creativity – so I knew that that was what I wanted to build my business around because it’s the way that I’m built.

So how do I get away with talking about my favorite recipes to yoga and meditation to creating an amazing life all in one business?

Well let me bruk it down for your Mosaic Soul ;).

I mapped out my dream soul client and their different problems that they had and which ones I felt confident that I could help solve.

Then I got focused and started to concentrate on my immediate desired outcomes and aligned my passions with those in my business. Because I love to talk about so many things I decided that I’d narrow down my target market to folks just like me (or similar) who want to create divine lives and business from their hearts and souls and those that are Multipassionate in nature. I decided that these beautiful souls were also creatives and saw the world through the viewpoint and lens of the law of attraction and divine laws of the universe amongst other things like spirituality, personal development, creative expression, and metaphysics.

My immediate desired outcomes when initially finally relaunching my business was to make some sales and get some clients in the door so that my business was no longer a hobby, but an actual living breathing entity that would grow on it’s own.

I chose my niche based upon what I struggled with and overcame as well as what I felt I could help others do. So for my niche for Endigo Rae I decided to create a digital ebook that would walk Mosaic Souls through ditching scatterbrain, letting go of procrastination, and starting an online business.

As for the various topics that my blog and business includes – well they are just expressions of me and what I feel excited to share. I make it clear and I create niches and offerings based on my expertise and what my audience wants and needs. The truth of the matter is that as a Mosaic Soul you will have multiple niches – heck just as a growing business owner you will serve multiple clientele and help alleviate multiple (yet related) problems.

The key when just starting out is to identify one that allows you to still operate in integrity, gain new clients under that umbrella, then expand and grow into other niches.

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