How To Create A WordPress Website 2019 (In 16 Simple Steps) | WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

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In this video I show you how to create a wordpress website almost for free in 2019. This tutorial is especially for people looking to start their online businesses, or bring their business online.


  1. Introduction
  2. Get Domain & Hosting – (Please remember my link if you want to start your website : )
    a. Domain Name: That reflects your business, easy to spell,
    preferably .com
    b. Web Hosting = Fast Performance (site speed & performance)
  3. Website Plan
    a. Brand Strategy – Who are you, who is your ideal client, what is the
    purpose of your website
    b. Site Layout: it all starts with INTENT – What do you want visitors
    to do on each page? Map out clear CTA’s and create your site
    around that.
    i. If you need help planning and mapping out your website then
    c. Design: Brand Identity Kit – Design Elements
  4. Content Organization: Images & Copy
    a. Image Optimization: Compressing Images
    i. Lossy vs Lossless
    b. Copy – Homepage, About Page, Services Page, Contact Page
  5. Install SSL Certificate
  6. Install WordPress –
  7. WordPress Basics Tutorial-
    a. Dashboard
  8. Themes
  9. Installing OceanWP
  10. Plugins – Elementor
  11. WordPress Settings
    a. Change Title & Tagline
    b. Change Permalinks
    c. Create Domain Emails
  12. Appearance
    a. Typography
    b. Changing Site Colors To Match Brand
    c. Adding Logo
    d. Adding Favicon
    e. Widgets
  13. Elementor Basics
  14. Creating Pages
    a. Set Homepage To Static Page – (Home)
    b. Create Home Page
    c. Create About Page
    d. Use Elementor Blocks
    e. Create Services Page
    f. Use Elementor Page Layouts
    g. Create Contact Page
    h. Create Blog Page
    i. Create Privacy Page
    j. Create a Menus
  15. Create Header and Footer (Customizer)
    a. Create Footer: Use Footer Widgets –
  16. Ending

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A break down of what we’ll cover:

In this beginner WordPress Tutorial you will learn how to create a beautiful and functional wordpress website step by step. I will be showing you how to create it using the theme OceanWP and the wordpress site builder Elementor (both of which are free).

You can learn how to build this website if you are a beginner, intermediate, or even a professional web designer. After this tutorial you will know how to create your wordpress website from scratch including a homepage and more, it’s really simple.

In this video I focus on building a business website, but you can easily create portfolio pages, blogs, online shops, and more with the tools that I share in this video. The only limit is your imagination!

If you watch the entire WordPress Tutorial, you will have learned how to make a wordpress website including how to install ssl certificates, how to setup your business emails, and more. Both of which can seem complicated or difficult, but I walk you from A-Z to create your wordpress website that can create high conversion rates for your business. You website will also be mobile responsive, wordpress optimized, and beautifully designed.

If you’d like to learn more about how to design your own website please let me know as I can do a class on the topic. Drop me a line at

And please remember I’ve created this free WordPress Tutorial so that you can launch your dream online. So in case you decide to use siteground please use my link to get an extra 60% off your website:

Thanks and have an amazing day!


Hey there! I’m Rachael and I work with creative and spiritual entrepreneurs who struggle with starting or relaunching their business because they have too many ideas or they lack clarity on their brand and strategy. Gain clarity on your brand and biz so you can get your divine gifts out into the world.

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