Why Your Email List Does Not Correlate To Money In The Bank

by | Endigo Rae TV

Hey Mosaic Soul! So in today’s Endigo Rae TV episode I talk about how abundance isn’t directly correlated with the amount of people you have on your email list or following you on social media. A lot of times us entrepreneurs are taught or like to focus on arbitrary numbers because in our mind’s eye they represent some time of milestone and signifier that we’ve somehow “made it” and will have a lot of money when we reach those numbers. Now I’m not knocking you growing your following or your business, however I’d like to present a different perspective – a metaphysical perspective.

When we focus outside of ourselves for abundance to appear we are going about things completely backwards because abundance starts from within. You have to start to live your life from the inside out in order to truly see the abundance you desire. If you are struggling with bringing money into your business and yet you are doing everything that you’ve been told to do, then the huge missing piece here is bridging your inner world with your outer world.

Most times we actually completely forget about our inner world and try to create from the outside in. But that isn’t how the universe works. You live in the world that you constantly think about. So that is to say that creation begins with what you say, think, and do moment to moment. As a metaphysician and a divine being I’m well aware of my power to create and destroy and rebirth, but often times what we as Mosaic Souls (souls having human experiences) forget about is that our individual worlds that we experience literally begins on the inside.

So if you want abundance, you must feel and exude abundance from the inside out. That’s the Law of Attraction. You attract what you are, not what you want. So when we focus outside of ourselves solely as a marker for our success usually we either 1. don’t get what we desire or 2. we get what we desire yet still feel miserable because we were looking for that outside thing to bring us joy and fulfillment.

So in today’s Endigo Rae TV episode I share some basic tips on how to refocus your energy to the inside first before you make arbitrary numbers your priority. Check it out above.

Question for you? What way have you noticed your external experience of abundance being related to your internal experience of abundance? Let me know in the comments below!

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