Ditch The Idea of A Niche And Just Be Yourself

by | Endigo Rae TV

Ditch The Idea of A Niche And Just Be Yourself

Being Multipassionate Is A Gift In Today's Online Business World

In today’s Endigo Rae TV I talk about ditching the idea of a niche especially if you don’t resonate with it. A lot of times as Mosaic Souls you may at some point feel debilitated or frustrated with trying to find “your special thing” that you bring to the marketplace. But in this video I share the importance of why just being yourself and making that your ultimate strategy is what will bring you success. We live in a world where people are desperate for genuine human connection. So if you try to build a business where you aren’t being true to who you are and aren’t being authentic people will feel that on an energetic level, and ultimately it will repel your tribe. So do yourself and the world a favor and just be and do you! You are the only YOU on the Earth, and by bringing your divine gifts on the planet and through your business you are contributing to the overall consciousness and well-being of the planet. Find strength and courage in being yourself and following your heart. Because being yourself in business is about following what feels good in every area of your life and business.

The power of personal branding is that YOU are your brand. So it’s important to figure out what YOU desire, what kind of lifestyle you like, what kinds of work you like to be doing, and how you like to share and connect. Because from there you can begin to build an authentic and profitable business.

Wanna know the importance of “feeling good” and join a group of women who understand what it feels like to be a soul having a human experience and multi-passionate?

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Hey there! I’m Rachael and I work with creative and spiritual entrepreneurs who struggle with starting or relaunching their business because they have too many ideas or they lack clarity on their brand and strategy. Gain clarity on your brand and biz so you can get your divine gifts out into the world.

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    Great message! I really appreciate your realness and honesty 🙂

    • Endigo

      Thank you chica! Appreciate your feedback and glad you resonate :).


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