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What My Clients Are Saying

What do my past clients think of the working with me?

My experience working with Rachael has been very dynamic. She helped me understand how to better identify my audience, use facebook ads and how to do an effective webinar presentation. With her help, on my very first webinar I was able to land my first client! Rachael did a great job by helping me speed up the time it takes to grow a project from dream phase to actually generating online income. She also did a dynamic job creating my brand and website from top to bottom; which has led to a 50% increase to my mailing list and several hundreds of copies of my book! I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone doing or looking to do business online.

Eliah Wells​​​​

Author & Career Coach

To grow your business, you must attract people to your business or website. Rachael Alexander was able to understand my business and my ideal client and develop an amazing marketing presence and website. The creative website is not only attractive and appealing with easy navigation, but provides value to potential clients through informative and desirable downloads. The marketing campaign designed to capture emails enables me to proactively solicit potential clients and grow my business. Rachael is an invaluable asset to any business.

Mary Taylor Carr

 Business & Life Coach 

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Rachael on my website & brand. I was delighted with the website and branding graphics she provided me. She asked the right questions, and made the process easy. I have an entire brand, including logo, and a beautiful website that she created, and there was never an ounce of stress in the process. She's very talented and giving of her creative energy. I'm so thankful!

Alyssa Gedeon

Health Coach & Artist

I was stressed out about the photoshoot at first, but you were really very accommodating and I felt really relaxed. It was a pleasant experience. I was happy and able to let you see me. I was able to let my guard down, and you captured me in my element. I had fun, without any stress of getting something right. It was kinda like just two buds having fun and hanging out. We gotta a lot of great work done, and I appreciated your go with the flow attitude. Cause to me, when you really connect and really bond with someone that has a great affect on your end project and work. You gave direction, and maintained control of the shoot, and that is kinda how I like to work. Thanks for believing in me, and for helping me to create a brand style that truly reflects my essence and the soul and vision of my company.

Tessa Winbush

Health Coach

I knew how my business and my work feels. I picked out some decent colors for it. I couldn't articulate the soul of my biz though, how it should feel for people. I searched online for pictures to say it for me, without the words, and could never find just what I was looking for.
Somehow, Rachael heard in my voice, or my stories, or my passion, exactly what my work feels like to me and what I want it to feel like to people whom it can help. She found exactly the colors and exactly the words and exactly the pictures to really express that to people, to send out a feeling just by looking at my website. It is the soul of my brand. Amazing. Thank you, Rachael Alexander.

Roni Walker

Artist & Spiritual Coach

Hazel Saigo-Valentine

Health Coach

Ok this is my baby, this is my child and I could finally see that my child could finally go to school and grow up. It took your special woman’s touch to nurture and bring to life what I couldn’t do and didn’t know how to do. This is an important thing that I think business owners need to learn – that’s it’s ok not to know, and it’s ok that you can’t do it alone. What you did I couldn’t, because A) I don’t have the attention span and the detail to put it together. I feel like I’m the captain full speed ahead and you are my number one advisor helping me to see if there’s a hurricane ahead and what move to make next. And I look back at all the my work over the past 5 years, all the trials and tribulations, disappointments and setbacks, and feel like they were all worth it in this moment. Thank you for all your hard work.

Milton Davis

Marketer, & PR Expert

Ruth Bakatukanda

Fitness Enthusiast & Coach

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