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Spiritually Awakened In Business

Hey Mosaic Souls, I had some insights and experiences that lead me to share this audio with you in hopes that it will open a doorway to freedom for you in your life and business. Through shifting the way you view the world you can honestly shift your beliefs and transform your life and business. […]

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Passions To Purpose Video Training

Do you want to start a business that allows you to do transformational work in the world, but you struggle with too many ideas, multiple passions, and stress to actually get started? Have you tried to gain clarity on which business to start, but procrastination, low energy, anxiety, or even depression is preventing you from […]

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New Brand Strategy, Design, and Website For Plug M.E. N2U

I’m a total brand geek to the core. I didn’t realize this until late last year though. Creating brands and designs for friends, colleagues and then eventual paying clients was something that just inspired me. I would honestly meet someone and then get divine downloads about their branding and direction. I didn’t know that it […]

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