I’m Rachael, Brand & Business Strategist, Graphic & Web Designer, & Digital Marketer for service-based small business owners.

You want to make a difference in the world with the work that you do. So do we.

See we believe that your business is an extension of your purpose in the world and we believe that the world needs better brands that is full of heart, soul, and spirit – not just fluff, a pretty logo, and not just another business owner making noise.

You know you need to infuse your business with more of YOU to attract more readers, grow your email list, and convert your followers into customers and clients.

Yet the idea and where-with-all to do it can seem exacerbating, confusing, and overwhelming to the point where you find that it’s been months since you’ve actually promoted or sent anyone to your offers or promotions.

Let’s change that shall we?

Here at Endigo Rae Creative we help you build and scale your business online through our tried and true done-with-you services of brand strategy, design, website creation, and online marketing. Our clients know that when they work with us it’s a team effort and are ready to collaborate with us to bring their business missions to life.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

We help you to analyze and plan out how your brand will be perceived in the marketplace. From there we map out tangible and actionable items that will bring to life your business objectives.

Brand Design

We usually follow our brand strategy and analysis to bring your brand to life with stunning and professional visuals. From logo, to design guidelines we’ve got you covered. This forms the basis of all marketing materials to be used in the future.

Website/Funnel Creation

We help you decide on which sales funnel is best for you and your business then bring your brand over into your 24/7 online store front. Whether that be a homepage with additional pages or a sales funnel leading to a specific outcome we’ve got you covered!

Digital Advertising

With our pay-per-click and facebook advertising we help you to craft a clear, succinct, and effective message that can then be broadcast on these platforms to bring you consistent leads and sales. We not only help you with lead generation, but give you pointers when developing a solid closing strategy to close more prospects.


You’re ready to shine your light.

That’s why I’m not just a graphic designer, but a brand & business strategist and digital marketer. I help you take all those scattered pieces and ideas of your brand and combine it into a professional and cohesive whole with substance.

So what’s the point of hiring a brand and marketing firm?

Because people buy based on emotion and logic, and since your brand is the emotional connection and commitment that you make with prospects and customers repeated over time taking the time to get clear on your:

  • Message (what your business stands for)
  • Vision (where you see your business going)
  • Personality (how you are perceived by your audience)
  • Presentation (how you’ll communicate your message through your business touch points)

…will substantially ensure that you not only attract and convert, but also close and delight your customers.

There are several ways to connect with customers and your brand is where that connection begins. This is my specialty. Here are a few examples:

  1. DEEPLY UNDERSTANDING their pains, fears, hesitations, and desired outcomes. So that you can effectively serve and delight them through your products, services, and overall brand experience.
  2. CREATING CONNECTION through your free value and content so that your customers feel understood and at home with your brand.
  3. MAKING IT EASY for them to work with you through easy to navigate website, and overall customer experience.
  4. BUILDING A COMMUNITY so that your customers can joined like minded peers to achieve their specific dreams and become a lifelong fan and customer.
  5. And so much more…

I really could go on all day. I live, breathe, and eat branding, marketing, and copywriting. But truthfully I’d rather start discussing your brand or project.

When you’re running a business and balancing a family, time is always tight. Ready to grow your business with less time?



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