Endigo Rae Creative

You want to make a difference in the world with the work that you do. So do I.

See I believe that your business is an extension of your purpose in the world and I believe that the world needs better brands that is full of heart, soul, and spirit - not just fluff, a pretty logo, and not just another business owner making noise.


"I look back at all the my work over the past 5 years, all the trials and tribulations, disappointments and setbacks, and feel like they were all worth it in this moment. Thank you for all your hard work on my brand."

" I’ve recently witnessed a friend building her website and it shed light on how easy Rachael made the process. She asked the right questions, and made the process easy. I have an entire brand, including logo, and a beautiful website that she created, and there was never an ounce of stress in the process. She’s very talented and giving of her creative energy. I’m so thankful!"

"Rachael is an invaluable asset to any business."

"Rachael did a great job by helping me speed up the time it takes to grow a project from dream phase to actually generating online income."


That's why I'm not just a graphic designer, but a brand strategist. I help you take all those scattered pieces and ideas of your brand and combine it into a professional and cohesive whole with substance.

So what's the point of hiring a brand strategist and designer?

Because people buy based on emotion, and since your brand is the emotional connection and commitment that you make with prospects and customers repeated over time taking the time to get clear on your:

- Message (what your business stands for)

- Vision (where you see your business going)

- Personality (how you are perceived by your audience)

- Presentation (how you'll communicate your message through your business touch points)

...will substantially ensure that you not only attract and convert, but also close and delight your customers.

There are several ways to connect with customers and your brand is where that connection begins. This is my specialty. Here are a few examples:

1. DEEPLY UNDERSTANDING their pains, fears, hesitations, and desired outcomes. So that you can effectively serve and delight them through your products, services, and overall brand experience.

2. CREATING CONNECTION through your free value and content so that your customers feel understood and at home with your brand.

3. MAKING IT EASY for them to work with you through easy to navigate website, and overall customer experience.

4. BUILDING A COMMUNITY so that your customers can joined like minded peers to achieve their specific dreams and become a lifelong fan and customer.

5. And so much more...

I really could go on all day. I live, breathe, and eat branding, marketing, and copywriting.

But truthfully I'd rather start discussing your brand or project.

Let's get started.