6 Money Myths Blocking Your Abundance | Money Talk Thursday’s

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If you’re looking to feel more ease, peace, and joy around the topic of money, then learn from me – I share how I used to have so much shame around money and how I learned about the truth of money as well as how to allow more abundance in our lives even outside of just money.

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// I’m Rachael Alexander, Brand Strategist, Business Coach, & Web/Graphic Designer. And I help multipassionate spiritual entrepreneurs get out of scatterbrain, procrastination, and overwhelm and finally launch their businesses online with confidence and clarity. I help them get clear on their brand message, their niche, and their offerings so that they can start to gain clients and customers more quickly.

On this channel you’ll learn about business, branding, entrepreneurship, and success.



Hey there! I’m Rachael and I work with creative and spiritual entrepreneurs who struggle with starting or relaunching their business because they have too many ideas or they lack clarity on their brand and strategy. Gain clarity on your brand and biz so you can get your divine gifts out into the world.

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