13 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self Just Starting Out In Business

by | Endigo Rae TV

In today’s Mosaic Monday’s Episode I wanted to share some advice I’d give to my younger self and you if you are just starting out in business. These are things I wish I knew and/or took more to heart.

Too often us big-hearted entrepreneurs have blocks that prevent us from giving divine gifts out into the world. These blocks, mindsets, and ways of doing things can hinder us from shining our light as bright as ever. In an attempt to help you not make the same “mistakes” I did, I wanted to share with you 13 tips I’d give to my younger self who was just starting her online business.

You’ll find these tips practical, applicable, and very useful in helping you to build your heart-centered business! Enjoy!



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Relax and have fun: live and business is a playground and this is a vibrational universe so stop mucking up your vibes with perfectionism

Create a profitable product sooner: I was doing all this free challenges and Webinars and had nothing to sell other than one on one services.

Know my biz model and what ways I like to work: as an artist who loves creating I kept trying to get one on one clients when my heart was never into it. I always knew that I’d prefer one to many model or a leveraged one to one model where I’d only speak to clients for like a total of 2 hours per week and really spend the rest of my time creating and doing whatever the hell I wanted. So I didn’t know it at the time but I was literally repelling clients cause it wasn’t what I wanted.

Create Leverage through automated income by creating clear product offerings.

Increase my knowledge in my areas of expertise, you don’t know what you don’t know. When you increase your knowledge you increase your confidence. Increased Competence = Increased Confidence.

Stick with one product or idea until it was profitable then move on to others.

Build Genuine Connections & Relationships with my tribe: Build A community & Know your dream soul client in and out to make irresistible offers.

Be bold, be fearless, be you. Lead with your heart and creativity coupled with great biz foundations.

Don’t purchase so many tools you don’t need until you actually need them. I purchased way too many things before I needed them which got me into a whole bunch of debt.

Trust yourself and truly know what you want so you can easily create it. Too many times I trusted outside “expert” voices over my own instead of following my own heart and inner blueprint.

Know that you are enough NOW & Work with a mentor who truly gets you, cares for your success, and doesn’t try to stuff you into a cookie cutter box. I worked with a high level mentor who didn’t know how to communicate best to be the things I figured out later, and had I listened to my soul over other experts I would’ve been profitable a lot sooner. I kept being so outwardly focused and dependent on other people’s strategies that I wasn’t being myself and I had forgotten why I wanted to start this business in the first place.

Implement, Implement, Implement! When I was just starting out I became a course junkie and never took the time to implement even half of the strategies I was learning. Implement what feels good to you and leave the rest. I would tell myself to stick to 1to3 strategies at the most and follow through! Most times you have access to these courses for life, so you can always come back and implement something else later.

Be Consistent! Business takes time to grow. When you start your business you have to be willing to commit to it longterm. It’s no light commitment. Think of it as a marriage. In order to foster a great outcome you have to be willing to put in the “work”/”fun” in order to really see lasting results. Your business will evolve, but never give up!

I hope this Mosaic Monday’s Episode has been helpful to you!

If you are just starting out in business share below which tip you resonated with most! If you’ve been in business for a while share one tip you’d tell your younger entrepreneurial self in the comments below!

Have a wonderful week!

Rachael xoxo


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