The #1 Reason Fear Based Marketing Isn’t Working For You or Your Business

by | Endigo Rae TV

Hey Mosaic Soul! In today’s Endigo Rae TV episode I talk about why Fear Based Marketing isn’t working for you or your business.

Have you ever created a product or a service and tried to promote it only to meet undesirable results? You’ve done everything a business guru or coach has told you to do yet nothing went the way you imagined or desired? Well alot of times what coaches and business gurus don’t tell you is that we live in a vibrational universe and so your outer world reflects your inner world. What they don’t tell you is that how you feel about your product or service and even the way you feel when you are marketing and promoting it affects the results you achieve.

Because we live in a vibrational universe fear-based marketing usually doesn’t work for heart-centered entrepreneurs because we like to operate and move out of a space of love, expansion, and abundance. So the mere idea of sharing your product and/or service through fear just plain feels icky, am I right? But the big dilemma is you don’t know any other way to actually market your business. Well in today’s Endigo Rae TV episode I give you three tips that help you get back into alignment with what feels right and how to approach marketing in your business so you can get off the “fear train” and onto the “love train”.

Marketing your business with the knowledge that you are a divine being in a vibrational universe and with the understanding that how you feel (your inner vibes) affect what you manifest, allows you to then move from a space of inspiration, excitement, and love. No one wants to feel sold to, no one wants to feel manipulated or scared into purchasing something, and as a business owner/entrepreneur I’m pretty sure you don’t want to work with people who feel that way when they interact with you or your business/brand.

So take a look at your alignment on the inside and outside to see where you can realign your offerings with your heart-centered way of showing up in the world. And most importantly have lots and lots of fun!!!!

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