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7 Brand & Website Mistakes You’re Making

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Hey love! Welcome to Endigo Rae Creative, I’m Rachael, head Brand Strategist & Web Designer here at ERC, and I help service-based solopreneur folks like you create and build magnetic brands & websites that attracts your dream clients, so you can finally build an online business that lets you work at home in your undies. (you’re welcome ;).

I know you’re ready to share your divine gifts, attract clients that you actually love to work with, and do work you love in the world that creates freedom for you and your loved ones.  And the great thing about this is we live in the digital age where it’s the perfect time to do exactly that! However things don’t always appear as easy as it seems…

Because the truth of the matter is…

that all the confusing, overwhelming, and bazillion tactics and strategies out there have you spinning around in circles. So instead of confidently launching your biz online you’re:


Not even sure what business you’re in other than the general title of “life coach” or “health coach, designer, or fill-in-your-industry-here” Meaning you’e not clear on what it is you actually help people with – “niche? what niche?”


Avoiding talking about what you do cause you’re tired of seeing people’s eyes look away in confusion and disinterest cause it takes you 20 minutes just to explain it.


Feeling like a hot mess because you’re all over the place with your services, packages, and offers. Constantly changing from one thing to the next just to bring in consistent cash flow.


Dreading hearing the age old question of “cool so what’s your website?”, cause you know it doesn’t represent you or you don’t even have one that’s worthy of sending folks to.


Charging hourly low rates, but scared to charge higher prices because owning your expertise and knowing what to put in your packages to make it worth it feels baffling and confusing.

And let’s not forget that list that just keeps getting longer and longer of all the things you “have to do” in order to be successful.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

There’s a way that you can finally get out of confusion, overwhelm, and finally get launched with confidence!I’ve created a proven system to finally help you:

  • Get clarity on talking about what you do in a powerful yet succinct way
  • Create offers that you’re confident in selling and that your dreamies are dying to buy
  • Take back the reins over your brand and launch a website that powerfully shows off how profesh you are and communicates your value and leads your ideal clients to work with you
  • Create a leveraged marketing system that does all the heavy lifting for you and brings you clients and customers online consistently


The catch is…

you have to commit to do two things:



because what you focus on expands, and once you do you’ll be able to cut out the noise, distractions, and start creating actual momentum and success.


Be Consistent

by becoming the spokesperson and role model of your brand. When you embody your brand and exude what you are helping people with you will naturally start to attract your ideal clients and the systems & automation become easier to set up.

Let's Relaunch your business online the right way!

Discover the 7 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Brand & On Your Website + How To Fix Them

I knew how my business and my work feels. I picked out some decent colors for it. I couldn’t articulate the soul of my biz though, how it should feel for people. I searched online for pictures to say it for me, without the words, and could never find just what I was looking for. Somehow, Rachael heard in my voice, or my stories, or my passion, exactly what my work feels like to me and what I want it to feel like to people whom it can help. She found exactly the colors and exactly the words and exactly the pictures to really express that to people, to send out a feeling just by looking at my website. It is the soul of my brand. Amazing. Thank you, Rachael Alexander.
Roni Walker

Artist & Intuitive

My experience working with Rachael has been very dynamic. She helped me understand how to better identify my audience, use facebook ads and how to do an effective webinar presentation. With her help, on my very first webinar I was able to land my first client! Rachael did a great job by helping me speed up the time it takes to grow a project from dream phase to actually generating online income. She also did a dynamic job creating my brand and website from top to bottom; which has led to a 50% increase to my mailing list and several hundreds of copies of my book! I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone doing or looking to do business online.
Kamani Lloyd

Online Entrepreneur

To grow your business, you must attract people to your business or website. Rachael Alexander was able to understand my business and my ideal client and develop an amazing marketing presence and website. The creative website is not only attractive and appealing with easy navigation, but provides value to potential clients through informative and desirable downloads. The marketing campaign designed to capture emails enables me to proactively solicit potential clients and grow my business. Rachael is an invaluable asset to any business.
Mary Taylor Carr

Life & Business Coach